11.-12.4. MadMapping Workshop @ Panke

fRED and Ilan will be conducting a video mapping workshop at Panke, from April 11th through the 12th, 2012. This two day workshop will focus on preparing content for mapping and mapping the content to physical surfaces.

The workshop will conclude with the participants collaborating on an installation in the cafe of Panke and performing with it in a lounge like atmosphere that will be open to the public, accompanied by special guest DJ Mo Greens.

The location for the workshop is called Panke, a creative hub in the heart of Wedding that presents music, art and other artistic endeavors.

Registration is limited to 20 persons.

  • The deadline for registration is April 3rd
  • or if

20 persons register prior to that deadline

Workshop schedule:

Day 1
– Introduction to MadMapper
– Using MadMapper in conjunction with other VJ applications
– Practice session
– Discussion on the activity for the following day

Day 2
– Content creation for an installation
– Summary of activities
– Party


– Mac OS X based computer running 10.6 or greater
– DVI or MiniDVI adapter that allows you to connect your computer to a projector
– Working knowledge of graphics and video creation software
– Working knowledge of VJ software


YOU MUST REGISTER. The deadline for registration is April 3rd or when 20 people have registered.

Workshop fee:

The fee for the workshop is 60 euros and must be paid in full prior to your arrival. After completeing your registration you will receive an invoice via the GarageCUBE PayPal account.

The fee allows us to cover the expense of the space, projectors and installation materials.

When the payment is processed you will receive further information about the workshop as well as a temporary serial number and access to ‘yourspace’ that will allow you to download the software. You will be able to use the software for 30 days after the last day of the workshop.

All participants are eligible for purchasing Modul8 and MadMapper at a discounted price.

Please note:

– Registration is limited to 20 persons and the deadline is April 3rd. We cannot accept more then 20 persons and registration will be closed after April 3rd even if we do not have 20 persons.

– This is a mapping workshop. If you do not have any experience using any VJ software we will only be able to provide limited instructions on the use of these tools.

– You are encouraged to bring a MIDI controller if you have one.

– Food and drinks will be available for purchase at the location of the workshop.

– You are required to arrange you own travel and accommodations.

Mapping. It’s more then just learning software.

Doing successful mapping projects is not just about learning software. There are many other aspects to consider, such as sculpture, spacial relationships, color and composition. We hope to share with you some of ideas and experiences so you can gain a deeper understanding of the process of video mapping.

We have also noticed that most successful mapping projects are a result of collaborations. The forming of collaborations comes about through communities and people working together. We hope that you will not only learn new skills, but that each and every one of you will also get to know one another for possible future collaborations.

Best regards,
Ilan and fRED