7.1. – Visual Voltage Amplified

Nils Edvardsson – The Spirit of High Voltage

Audiovisual performance at the opening of Visual Voltage Amplified

January 7, 2010, 7pm-00.00am, Felleshus Berlin

On the opening evening of Visual Voltage Amplified, Swedish artist Nils Edvardsson will turn the Swedish power infrastructure into a gigantic musical instrument. He has travelled to different points of interest around the Swedish power line system and recorded the sound of the electricity and the lines near hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

With special designed microphones, attached directly on the pylons, he has recorded not only the humming and buzzing sound of the electricity, but also mixed it with the wind that strikes the lines as a harp, and the sounds from birds and other background noises from the nature. The result is a very dynamic soundtrack that combines two great forces, the electricity and the nature, to perform a full symphony. A combination that has so far attracted nearly 100000 visitors on a version that Edvardsson put up on YouTube a couple of years ago.

At the opening of Visual Voltage Amplified, Edvardsson will use his sound recordings, together with images he shot of the recording spots, for an audiovisual performance. Certainly a unique take on the energy question, and a transformation of voltage into something visible. Don’t miss it!!!