artuino: the arduino workshop

thanks to Ray-V for pointing to this event:

Where:  ÏMA Design Village, Ritterstrasse 12-14, 10969 Berlin / map
When:   10.00am – 5:00pm, 20th – 21 of June 2009
Fees:     The workshop is free!

Artuino is proud to announce our first Arduino Workshop for Geeks and Artists in Berlin. Organizers: Anton M, Noni Katz.
All participants get to design and build their own Arduino project.

What and why?
Arduino boards are small physical computing platforms, consisting of a simple I/O board and an integrated development environment. Arduino’s can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects or can be connected to software on your computer.
In this workshop Geeks and Artists will work together to explore new dimensions of art and technology.

Our aim:
To bring people together to invent prototypes of new musical instruments and devices for live visuals. On the first day of the workshop, at the after-party, DJs and musicians will put our creations to the test!
For us. With us.
We want to play not only with Vision, Touch and Sound, but if possible, also with Taste and Smell.

We will work together in small groups, with each group focusing on one of the human senses and aiming to conjure up an emotional experience.

Based in a an 18th century factory building and spread over 10,000 square metres, ÏMA Design Village offers a unique community style of working and living. With different companies, artist studios, shops, flexible work spaces, a café and bar, it enables and encourages creative partnerships and business cooperations. The ÏMA Design Village team is there to encourage this collaboration between the villagers and create opportunities throughout the entire variety of the village and
its different competences.

In this two day intensive workshop you’ll learn the basic possibilities Arduino board, you’ll learn how to connect other hardware to it, and you’ll learn the basic programming skills needed for building your own Arduino application. All participants design and start their own Arduino project.

If you would like to make a presentation or give a talk about a special topic, please let us know. We are currently planning the workshop schedule.

Please bring with you Laptop if you have, Toys and Items that you think can be part of your art work. Also feel free to bring anything you think will be for help like any kinds of tools, glue and whatever, anything can be for use!!

Target Group:
Art students, Computer scientists, hardware hackers, fabric experts, product developers, nerds, dancers – everyone is welcome.


* Some technical affinity, some experience in programing and electronics will is useful, but is not strictly necessary!!
* Your own Laptop Running Windows XP – Vista, Mac OS X 10.3-5, or Linux will be required.
* Free Spirit!

More about Arduino and Art :
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