SYNÆSTHESIA – Call for Artists

The project SYNÆSTHESIA deals with the neurological phenomenon synesthesia, where people see colours for numbers, have a colourful experience when listening to music or many other different associations.

With the aim to find a way to communicate to non synesthetes what these people experince, the project will bring artists and synesthetes into a creative dialogue.

The results will be exhibited in Berlin around march/april 2012.

We are still looking for participantsfor that project!


  • > have a practice in dialoge-based art or other collaboration-based projects in your portfolio
  • > are willing to participate in a workshop at the start of the project
  • > have a proposal of how to initiate the dialoge, a concept of your work-in-practice


Download the Abstract (PDF).

„Synesthesia isn’t just one weird way of seeing, hearing or smelling the world around us. Every synesthete has his very own way of experiencing a colourful or somehow exciting world. This is the point where my project focuses on. The diversity of experiencing synesthesia. “