26th november 2009 / POLYBIUS 1.0 av @ CIMATICS

26th november 2009 / CIMATICS Festival (Brussels)
Polybius 1.0 av performance feat Goto80 & Raquel Meyers
+++ EPILEPSY WARNING for the visual content of the performance +++

The purpose of Polybius is to explore the relationship between fiction and reality by creating a feeling of losing your senses. The concept is derived from the myth about the 1980s arcade game Polybius which was said to create a sensory and cognitive deprivation. By combining line-vector aesthetics with video manipulation and 8-bit technology we want to induce feelings of apophenia, amnesia and panic. We want to develop a new media identity dialogue by playing with human perceptions of incompatible symbolism and representations. The Polybius experience – Sinneslöschen (German for “sense deleting”).

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