1.2. – AVNode Lounge

VisualBerlin heartly invites international audiovisual artists and VJs attending or visiting Transmediale 2012 to a casual meet and greet lounge night at Atelier Überall, Oppelner Str. 12, Berlin Kreuzberg (U Schlesisches Tor)

We’re open for spontaneous presentations, performances or talks!

Looking forward to seeing you!

<<<<<< AVNode >>>>>>
outlining the international media arts festival network (presentation by Ioanna & Flux)

<<<<<< Live Performers Meeting 2012 >>>>>>
presentation of the new trailer and the concept of LPM Roma and Mexico 2012 by Ioanna

<<<<<< Live Visuals >>>>>>
– Rainbowwarrior (AT) – http://rainbowwarriorart.wordpress.com/
– FAX (IT) – http://famifax.com
– tranZvision (DE) – http://tranzland.com

<<<<<< VisualBerlin VJs >>>>>>
– e-gruppe (http://raum-e.com)
– et al…

<<<<<< OPEN STAGE >>>>>>
bring your laptop and play some music and/or visuals, present your current project, talk about what you want! we’re curious!