media arts festival | 3-5 June, Bötzow-Brauerei Berlin

The EMERGEANDSEE Media Arts Festival 2011 opens the big stage for the small details: In Films, lectures and an exhibition, people can express themselves by contributing their detail to the EMERGEANDSEE-microcosm.

The exhibition and artistic pieces will put our world together anew. This includes acoustic as well as visual compositions that toy around with details. No boundaries should restrict the artistic medium: performances, sound productions for the “audio-cinema”, visual artistic works, video installations, cross-medial works, etc. all contribute to a limitless outcome.

Within the lectures, thinkers and makers from diverse areas (social & cultural sciences, media and art, etc.) will gather. Here, we are looking for new theories and ideas presented via short lectures. This concerns people from a position in the academic world and others that have no professional stance regarding media – all are welcome.

Within the short film competition, innovative feature films, animations, documentaries and experimental worlds of images from around the globe will explore the topic of the detail in the eye of the jury and the audience.