If You Need A Cue

6th May in Elsenstr 52, 2 HH, 1st floor from 9 to 1


IF YOU NEED A CUE…. uncertainty is welcome.

Regular meeting with the unforeseeable. No programme: don´t bring any expectations. Mistakes are moments of opportunity. It depens on you that something happens. Just Come. Just play.


A playground with equipment will be available for you to be used the way you like.

A Collective Game created by participation.

CUE IS MOVING (no fix location) The space is the space of the action in a ludic society.

Entrance free 0 €

Available (depends on the possibilities) :
Free space, sound amplification, 010 audio channels, 1 beamer, microphones…
Bring whatever you need (instruments, laptop, etc…) and share with the others

Connecting cities by video streaming.