utopia in four movements – a live documentary

utopia in four movements

This seems to be a very interesting combination of documentary storytelling and live visuals, live commentary and live music. Here is a quote of the filmmakers viewpoint concerning this form of presentation in the context of media consumption  and the future of cinema:

„Television chopped up movies with commercials and put them in the middle of domestic distraction, but that was nothing compared to this moment when films are on your iPhone and your laptop and in fuzzy tiny windows on YouTube. The worst thing about these new modes of viewing isn’t that they diminish cinema as visual and imaginative spectacle. The worst thing is that they’re watched furtively and alone. Cinema, which was once a great banquet in a dream palace is now often a snack devoured absentmindedly in isolation. And only in society, only together, do we have the power to live out those old dreams, or new ones.“

Read the full article here.

I can’t wait to see, hear, experience it …

If you happen to be in Amsterdam now, you can experience it today or tomorrow at the International Documentary Film Festival, otherwise here are future screenings..