11.2. – Zan Lyons // Transducers pt.2

February 11, 2010 – Tresor Berlin

ZAN LYONS’ Berlin Film Festival show. Zan will be performing a new A/V plus strings show and screening his Blade Runner Remix. Followed at midnight (12pm) by ALEC EMPIRE, Patrick Pulsinger and Reznik presenting Transducers Pt. 2 – a dynamite Thursday in Tresor!

Since Zan Lyons released “Desolate” in 2000, his reputation as a musician (violin, viola and cello) and electronic composer has blossomed. The London maverick combines an explosive audiovisual show with a live music performance that simply intoxicates. Heralded by the international press, tonight he will screen his own score for the celebrated, groundbreaking film “Blade Runner” and sharing his amazing work that breathes the dedication he affords his creations..

Tresor Globus Floor midnight-12pm:

Last February Alec Empire treated us to a special appearance to present Transducers, and tonight he is back to give it up with Part 2. With his latest EP “1000 Eyes” from his film “The Golden Foretaste of Heaven“, Alec Empire hasn’t stopped to enjoy the critical success of last year’s full-length album “Shivers“. A sonic terrorist with a mission, Alec Empire is a chameleon in his art, creating his own musical genre and the result is mesmerizing. With support from techno legend Patrick Pulsinger who intelligently weaves stabs of electro, minimal and jazz into passionate, experimental electronica; and steered way into metal-techno territories by Reznik – you haven’t had an evening of such eclectic music in years and yeah, it’s up with that.