Visual Correspondents Berlin 2009

9. November 2009 – Final Screening

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Visual Foreign Correspondents Berlin

Visual Foreign Correspondents Berlin is the latest in a series of projects initiated by the Visual Correspondent Foundation in cooperation with WL Projects Berlin in which networks of high-profile public media platforms have been developed as specially curated spaces. In VFC-Berlin we invite a network of artists to reflect in a personal way on the recent events in their region and relate these events to ways in which the world has changed in the two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Now that the spectre of economic crisis and heightened religious differences once again are threatening to create new sets of barriers there has never been a better moment to reflect on just how much is at stake when we erect boundaries (either tangible or intangible) between nations, peoples and idea’s. In the light of this anniversary we will be asking the artists to reflect on the nature of boundaries and borders, virtual and real, which are destroyed and (re) constructed in this era of intense volatility.

VFC-Berlin has commissioned seven artists to make screen-based works looking at specific boundary or border -related issues in their home country. For this selection we sought not only regional diversity but also selected artists on the basis of their interest in a specific types of issue combined with their proven capacity to make works compelling and immediate enough to successfully compete for attention in a modern media landscape.

On the anniversary itself, for one night only, the entire series of works will be shown on the media façade on the outside of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin the Hungarian Cultural Institute, This modern building is in the heart of the city of Berlin close to where the wall once was. With it’s enormous windows it will be a dramatic and symbolic location for the final night of the project.

Monday 9th of November: 8 pm – 12 pm