Gestural tablet control of VDMX via QC/OSC

for everyone who missed (like me, shame) seeing this awesome control concept for VDMX by mr.monkeypresso at LPM this year, here’s a short demo video. truly amazing!

„the topside is the layer one, the underside is layer two, from left to right the whole playtime of the video, and you can draw the playing curve. The topside is a bit different, the grey squares are fix cue points, if the draw is touching it, the loop jumping back to the cue point. The horizontal circle with number, is the amount of points, if its a low number (1 or 2) you can make a fast scratch (at the video 1:17), if its a big value you can draw many points.
The vertical number is an lfo, like an autodraw, if its 0 the curve is that what you draw, if its a bigger number you need just to hold down your cursor and make a part of the loop playing.
The red points are effects, if the cursor cover (not need to hold) apply the effect.“